What Is The Emotional Freedom Technique?

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What is the Emotional Freedom Technique:?


Are you stressed, worried or anxious? Feeling depressed or constantly drained? If you answered yes then you’re not alone. Many people today live hectic lives and are under a lot of pressure.  Every day people are searching for ways to relieve stress and anxiety. One method is explored here. It’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique. Read on and find out: What is the Emotional Freedom Technique and how can it help you?

Modern Day Living

We live our lives at a much faster pace. We rush around from one place to another as we juggle work and study commitments with parenting responsibilities, household chores, and leisure activities. The cost of living is more expensive yet our salaries haven’t risen to keep up with it.

On top of that, we worry about our jobs, studies and our kids. We stress about paying our bills and buying essentials like food and clothes. Will we ever be able to afford to buy our own home? When can we take a much-needed holiday? There’s anxiety about the future. Will there be enough money for our retirement?  And then there’s debt stress which can be overwhelming.  A comprehensive post by CarefulCents.com highlights just how much consumer debt is causing stress in people’s lives.

I’ve learned that when it gets all a bit too much then it’s time to do something about it. There are a number of things people commonly do. They may take time out by going for a walk, working out at the gym, playing a sport or going out for a coffee with friends. But if these things don’t resonate with you, they’re not helping or you’re just not able to go out, then there are other techniques such as Meditation, Self-Hypnosis or the Emotional Freedom Technique.

What Is The Emotional Freedom Technique?

So what is the Emotional FreedomTechnique and how can it help you, I hear you ask?  The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also referred to as ‘tapping’ is a stress release method that combines a tapping technique while reciting positive affirmations. EFT is a gentle and safe form of psychological acupressure which uses a tapping technique (instead of needles) to stimulate the traditional Chinese acupuncture points. It can be used for a broad range of psychological problems and is non-invasive.

The theory behind it is, that all thoughts and emotions, whether positive or negative, are forms of energy. This energy has a very real physical impact on all functions of the body. Although the body has a natural healing capability, stress and emotional problems often stand in the way and prevent the healing process. This is where EFT comes in.

You can use the emotional freedom technique for anxiety, stress and worry, just to name a few problems. It can help you to overcome negative beliefs, emotions and thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. The emotional freedom technique was designed by Gary Craig who is a personal performance coach who is based in California.

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique?Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Points

The Emotional Freedom tapping points are located in the following areas of the face and body:

  • Side of the hand
  • Top of the head.
  • Eyebrow
  • Side of the eye.
  • Under the eye
  • Under the nose
  • Chin
  • Collarbone
  • Under the armEFT tapping point

Does The Emotional Freedom Technique Work?

I used the emotional freedom technique for anxiety about money and had very good results. For many years my family had struggled financially due to health and employment issues and we accumulated a lot of debt. I got to the stage where every time I thought about our bills, credit card debt or mortgage I would become overwhelmed with anxiety.

Then a couple of years ago I began looking into the Law Of Attraction and joined a program called Wealth Beyond Reason. As part of the program, you have to address your limiting beliefs and fears and eliminate them by trying a variety of tools on offer. This is when  I have learned about the emotional freedom technique from Dr. Carol Look. I tried it and it worked a treat. I don’t have any anxiety about money, bills or debt anymore.

I have also had a horrible experience of being bullied by an employer.  I would get overwhelming anxiety just thinking about him.  It’s the most awful feeling so I combined EFT, empowering affirmations and meditation and did them multiple times per day and the anxiety just disappeared.  It was wonderful and miraculously the bullying stopped. too.

The way EFT works is, as the person taps the specific points on their face and body they recite positive affirmations. Through repetition of the tapping and affirmations, the anxiety begins to subside. You simply keep doing it until it’s gone. The speed at which it will subside will depend on each individual as our levels of anxiety about different issues varies from person to person. And the number of sessions you may have to do will differ too.

How Can I Learn The Emotional Freedom Technique?

There are many EFT Therapy Practitioners available online. By simply reading about EFT, watching instructional videos and deciding on whether to use the general affirmations or create your own positive affirmations, you will then be ready to start practicing the emotional freedom technique. What have you got to lose? It’s online. You can do it from home and it’s free.

I bought The Tapping Solution and use the techniques every day to help my family and myself to overcome all sorts of limiting beliefs.  It has changed my son’s life which was the sole reason I started this website in the first place.  You can read about that in My Story.  I believe in EFT so much that I am training and practicing to do EFT as part of my Spiritual Life Coaching to help others.  I highly recommend tapping and this book by Nick Ortner.

Watch this video and get more free information from Dr. Carol Look here.

If you decide to try it, come back and leave a comment as I’d love to hear about your experience.


2 thoughts on “What Is The Emotional Freedom Technique?

  1. Andrew says:

    I like this technique because it is non-invasive as you say, and we can all learn and implement it ourselves and basically apply it for so many of the issues that we face on a daily basis. I consider any therapy that doesn’t involve the use of prescription drugs, which commonly have nasty side effects, should be trialed first. My life has dramatically improved over the last few years by doing a combination of things, one of which was using EFT.
    Thanks for sharing this information on EFT.

    • Tanya says:

      I’ve used EFT successfully too. I’ve also used hypnosis with many different things I’ve wanted to change or improve. Thanks for your comment Andrew.

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